One of the simplest ways to brighten up your kitchen for the summer months is to add a little something to your table, whether it be a simple bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit paired with a table runner. I love table runners because they are an easy way to provide some extra colour and interest to a bare table without hiding the beautiful finish of your table- the perfect balance! With our new Helix table and Stockton chairs we wanted our dining area to stand out and feel refreshed as we roll into the summer months (my favourite time of year)! I’m a huge fan of a neutral colour palette because you have the option of accenting with the different colours depending on the season without making a huge commitment.

I love easy and affordable DIYs that can freshen up any space of your home! Right now I’ve been obsessed with the mud cloth trend, but as much a I love mud cloth it can be a pricey textile! That’s why I’m sharing this simple DIY that will not only make your table feel refreshed for the summer but you can make it without spending a fortune, a win win!!

So what is mud cloth?

Originally designed in Africa, mud cloth is used as camouflage, ritual protection, and a sign of status; it tells a story through the use of lines, dots, and geometric shapes, hence why it is so attractive to the eye. Traditionally mud cloth is handmade using Malian cotton and fermented mud to produce pigment for dye, that’s why it is referred to as mud cloth. You can find mud cloth in a variety of homeware shops or attempt to make your own inspired piece!

DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Table Runner

  • Fabric ( approx. 2.5 yards for a 78 inch long table)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/chalk/marker
  • Ruler
  1. Start by laying out your fabric (I used a thick natural linen fabric), determine how long and wide you want to make your table runner. My table is 78 inches long so I made my runner 88 inches long with just enough over hang, and 15 inches for width. Using a ruler and pencil, start at one end and mark the width of the table runner. Also, because I was going for fringe edges I didn’t bother cutting the other (fringe) side.
  2. Once the length and width has been marked with a pencil or chalk, begin cutting with a pair of sharp scissors.
  3. Start on one side and begin pulling the loose fabric threads. Keep pulling until you reach the ideal amount of fringe! Also, you may need to trim up the fringe with scissors to keep a consistent edge.
  4. Because I wanted my fringe and fabric to look imperfect, I threw it into the wash machine in cold water and hung to dry. The fringe looks wild and tattered with lots of wrinkles for lively texture! You can also use an iron to smooth out fabric for a more delicate look. Once the runner is dry, use a ruler and pencil to begin drawing on a mud cloth inspired design. You can also use paint, stamp/stencil, glue, really the possibilities are endless (but make sure it is all waterproof).  

Now how easy was that!? The best part is that you can do this simple DIY with a variety of colours, patterns and sizes to ultimately make it your own with the benefit of your table looking fantastic all year around! 

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