We live in a very small house with a bit of a funny layout on the main floor. Not funny like “haha,” but it’s a bit strange. We have a big walk-in pantry/closet/everything-we-own-has-at-some-point-lived-in-there storage space at the front of the house, very few cabinets in the kitchen, and basically no storage at all in our living room. No dining room. Very small house, remember? We’ve had to get pretty creative when it comes to storage on this floor of the house, and up until our twin boys were born, we basically didn’t need storage in the living room for anything other than blankets (which we put in baskets) and the occasional magazine, which we kept on the coffee table.As I’m sure many of you can relate, babies change everything. After almost four years of not needing storage in our living room, the time had come for that to change. But in our small and oddly laid out room, where would we put it? This is where the Allison Pine Server came into the picture at just the right time. We had been keeping diapers, wipes, toys and other baby things in baskets around the room, but that just wasn’t working. With drawers to keep small items in and doors that could store several boxes, this was just what our living room needed.

Now the containers we use for storage down here may look a little odd to some, but it’s a daily sight in our household: diaper boxes. I whipped these up to hold a few key items and I love how they look, and most of all how they function!

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Fabric scraps (big enough to cover at least ¾ of your box, so how much you need will vary)
  • Tape, or if you want something more permanent, hot glue
  1. I kept this very simple and literally wrapped the box in my fabric, tucking the ends into the flaps now secured on the inside.
  2. I then added some tape to the bottom to loosely secure the fabric in place, and voila!

I love that this cost me $0, and that I can swap the covers seasonally or, you know, if I ever remember to do that!

I used one of the boxes for Luther’s things, keeping extra treats, baggies, and his grooming supplies together. The other box holds the thing these boxes were destined for: diapers! I also have some wipes in there.

As for the rest of the space, I keep a spare quilt and some swaddles in there since we use them so much, and this way we’re always ready to play with the boys without having to go up or down the stairs. A few books, toys, and other small items we normally use are housed in here as well, which makes life pretty convenient! This means that whenever I’m on my own with them, I’m always ready to change, entertain, or play with a baby!

It’s these little things that become a big deal when you’re a parent – the convenience of having diapers and wipes always close by, and of knowing exactly where things are so you’re never trying to search for something when you need it most.

If you have any more tips for me on organizing with babies, please share them with me! I love hearing tips from other parents!

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