I’m a sucker for signs. I want them everywhere in my house but I’m running out of wall space (and really do like blank wall space!). That’s why a table top sign is perfect for holiday decor. You don’t need to figure out what precious family photo to take off your wall to hang it.


  • 1/4” Oak wood (mine is 5/12” wide, 11” long)
  • 1/4” Oak wood edging (mine was 2” wide, take your sign length plus 1/2” for the top and bottom, then the sign width for the sides)
  • Ebony wood stain & brush
  • Spray sealant
  • White acrylic craft paint & brush or Paint Marker
  • Superglue or clear construction adhesive

ONE: Start by cutting your wood to length (you can have this done at a hardware store) and staining it in your colour of choice. I love the Scandi appeal of an ebony stain.

TWO: When it’s dry, use your spray sealant to give it a good clear coat. This will help the stain hold it’s colour and keep the white painted letters from taking on ebony stain.

THREE: Letter it up! I hand lettered my sign, but you can print up a template using fonts. To use a template, just flip your printed design over and colour heavily on the back of the paper with pencil. Then flip it back over on your sign and firmly trace your design to transfer the pencil. Paint it using acrylic craft paint or a paint marker. If you’re having trouble with the thickness of the paint, feel free to add some water to the mix to make it apply smoother.

FOUR: Assemble! I chose to use a super glue instead of nails to assemble this one since the wood is SO thin and it doesn’t need to hold any real weight. Clamping the sign would be great until it dries but if you don’t have any fancy clamps- elastics work just great. Sandwich the short edges between the long around the sign and hold it tight. When the glue is dry, take off your elastics and check out your handiwork!

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