This simple wall garden is living art that adds a welcoming and organic element to the exterior of my she shed. If you’re obsessed with plants like me, it’s always fun to find creative new ways to display and grow them. For this project you can choose any style of shower caddy, and the flowers and plants that will best suit the sunlight conditions of the location you plan to hang your planter.

If you can’t decide on your favourite blooms and prefer to have the ability to switch things up, skip the moss and fill the caddy with pre-potted plants. I love terracotta pots for summer, but anything that fits on the shelves will work just as well. I’m just waiting for someone to invite me to a house warming party so I can make another one of these as a gift!

Tip: Try to find plants and flowers that have the same care instructions. It will be easier to keep everything healthy and alive if they survive off of the same amount of water and sunlight.

-Shower caddy
-A can of spray paint (any colour!)
-Sphagnum moss
-Sturdy nail or hook
-Variety of plants and flowers
-Green moss (optional)

1. Spray paint your shower caddy in your favourite colour . Set to dry.

2. Use sphagnum moss to line the shelves.  I added some green moss in front of it because I prefer the colour.

3. Add potting soil and fertilizer, and plant whatever what you choose to feature according to it’s instructions.

4. Hang the planter on a study nail or hook.

5. Love and care for your plants and watch them bloom!

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