As a little kid, I looked forward to special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because my brother and I would “cook” my parents breakfast in bed. I use the word cook very loosely, because I’m sure we brought them many disgusting combinations of fruits, cereals and ill-cooked eggs. Still, my parents always seemed delighted in our surprise attempt at doing something nice for them, even if we did barge in at 6am.

For my first Mother’s Day my husband brought me breakfast in bed, and it solidified that I would now be on the receiving end of some interesting breakfasts in bed to come. I can’t wait! To help us along those special occasions (and the odd occasion when I may actually want to just treat myself), I made a really simple serving tray, and I’ll teach you how to make your own, too!


  • Piece of wood or old cabinet door, roughly 24”x15”
  • Set of cabinet handles
  • Paint or a stain (optional)
  • Sandpaper or an orbital sander
  • Clear wood sealer

1: Paint or sand your door/plank. I had a piece that had been previously stained, so I used the same paint in my bedroom walls (Benjamin Moore’s Simply White) and added two light coats to it.

2: Then, I took my orbital sander and a piece of 150 grit sandpaper and sanded it all over, making sure to get the edges as well so that the stain could be exposed a little. (This is an optional step)

3: Drill holes and attach cabinet handles to either side of your plank. That’s basically it. At this point you can be finished, because you have a perfectly usable serving tray.

3: Optional: Apply a clear coat of sealer. This is to make sure that if anything wet or greasy touches your tray (which is likely if you’re using it for food), you won’t get stains or watermarks left behind. It’ll also protect the paint from being scratched off too easily.

And you’re done!

And just like that, a family heirloom is born! It doesn’t take much to have meaningful pieces that can be used for a lifetime.

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