One of the most iconic symbols of the Holiday Season is the wreath, and one quick Pinterest search will prove that. With so many materials to choose from, size ranges and ways to add texture to a wreath, it can be refreshing to stick to just one thing and keep it a little simpler – though simpler doesn’t mean boring! That’s where sequins come in!This wreath is so easy to make that you could easily create multiples of these – I happen to think that a collection of sequin wreaths would be fabulous, don’t you?

So let’s get to what you’ll need for this wreath, shall we?

  • 12″ foam wreath form (I opted for one with a flat back rather than the traditional cylindrical form)
  • 3.5 meters of 1″ sequin trim (found at any fabric store)
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional for hanging)

  1. Apply a dot of glue to the back (the flat part) of the wreath and attach one end of the sequin trim to it.
  2. Continue to wind the trim around the wreath form, overlapping it slightly and making sure not to pull too hard because the more you pull, the more of the thread around the trim you can see. You want to let the sequins shine (literally), and nothing else.
  3. Add more glue along the way if needed, and when you get to the end, add another dab, cut the trim and you’re done! You’ll even have a little leftover trim at the end to make more fabulous sparkly things with.
  4. So that’s it. Three steps and you’re finished! Now, how to style a wreath as fabulous and sparkly as this? Well a classic black and white striped ribbon is always a good idea.

This sparkly piece is a great companion to some other gold accessories and a sweet little holiday tree. Add some twinkly lights and you have all of the Holiday magic you could possibly need in just about any corner of your home.You can also use sequins for monograms and have sparkle all year round. It’s kind of amazing how a little touch of gold can bring life and light into a room.

Have you ever used sequin trim in your DIY decor? Would you? We love to read your comments, so feel free to add your own sequin trim ideas in the comments below!


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