Creativity is messy. Which is precisely why our home is always turned upside down.  Or at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. With designing and building being our whole family’s passion, you can guarantee creative messes are scattered throughout each and every room in our home.

However, in our daughter’s newly renovated bedroom, we wanted to help her contain her creative projects in whatever way we could. With the addition of a cute little crafting corner, we knew we were headed in the right direction. We have learned over the years that when a children’s room is designed and constructed, the child’s habits and needs must be considered for a long lasting liveable space. For our little girl, that meant adding lots of storage for her growing collection of art supplies.

Her bedroom has always been the space where her creativity runs rampant. That, or it is the space where she is allowed to have her stacks of sketches strewn across every flat surface. Pictures of party dresses in every variation and colorful abstract art can be found littering her bedroom’s surfaces, adding splashes of color and beautiful inspiration everywhere. Her creativity put on paper like that, in her effortless way is a beautiful sight. The topless markers and pencil shavings strewn amidst them all, is NOT.  Typically her crayons, markers, and coloring tools roll and scatter to wherever they wish, but now with a new room to enjoy, we have a new plan to implement!

To contain her piles of pencil crayons and other writing utensils she has been in desperate need of containers that are accessible and functional.  To be displayed in her brand new room, they also have to be adorable. So, we decided to makeover some simple ever day vases, containers and flower pots into fun and whimsical little organizational helpers.  With a big side of cheeky.


1: Collect containers, vases and pots in varying heights and sizes.
2. Use a permanent marker to draw on adorable little faces to your containers.
3. Separate your piles of markers, crayons and pencil crayons and corral in each separate container.
4. Giggle at the way the writing utensils seem to mimic hair.
5. Display in a creative corner within your home.

With the addition of these fun and quirky DIY selfie containers to her space, we have created a fun project together but we have also encouraged her to keep her things beautifully organized. Effortless creating is in her future, I’m sure of it. Now, to ensure those topless markers don’t get swooshed away for a spin in our washing machine again.

Are all little girls messy by nature? Would a little one in your life like to make something similar? If so, how would you make your DIY floral face the cheekiest of them all?


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