As Summer is now officially here, there’s nothing I love more than the smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen, but I’d be lying if I said I have an easy time keeping them alive! Hello, my middle name is Black Thumb! This year I decided to try something new and use the herb garden as a fun learning opportunity for the boys, even if they can’t quite grasp what’s happening, it’s been such a delight to see them touch the dirt, leaves, and watch as something grows right in our kitchen!

The boys definitely had a helping hand in making these, as I used their old applesauce cups to plant the seeds in, and things I used were easy to find or things I already had.

– Washed applesauce cups
– Mason jars
– Soil
– Herb seeds
– Cotton rope

1: Make a hole on the bottom of the applesauce cup for the rope to fit into, tie a knot inside of the cup.

2: Fill ¾ of cup with soil and plant seeds, then fill rest of cup with soil.

3: Fill mason jar up about halfway with water and place applesauce cup inside. It should sit perfectly in the jar.

4: A an optional step, you can label each jar either using some simple paper and string, or a plastic garden marker you can write on.

5: (Also optional) Place your new herb garden in a tray or container to keep on your kitchen countertop or shelf!

All done! This is a great and easy way to use things you already have around the house to make something functional, and that can be used to teach the kids about how things grow right inside the house!

Do you grow a herb garden at home? I love having a few herbs inside because they smell delicious and can be used for the occasional cup of tea or in a pinch while cooking!


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