Growing up, I remember coming home from school before Christmas break, so excited to show my Mom the little ornament I had made at school for our Christmas tree. My mom was always ecstatic and she encouraged my brother and I put our homemade decorations on the tree. She always said back then that someday her Christmas tree would have a “theme”, but for now the tree was meant to be filled with all of our special homemade ornaments. Even to this day, my parents will pull the Christmas tree out when I am home with the boys and we will all help decorate the tree. I still find all of my brother and I’s homemade Christmas ornaments and we still put a few of our favourite ones up ;). Even so, Jack and Max have made a few homemade ornaments or they have picked out the tackiest ornament to give to Grandma and Papa to put on their tree. Jack is always so proud to put his ornament (that he had specifically pick out) on Gram and Papa’s tree!

Because our children are only little for so long, I love creating easy Holiday crafts that the boys can help me with and which they will always remember, “I made that!!”.  This little DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree has been so fun to make because the boys helped me pick out a few sticks on our tree branch adventure and it was also the perfect opportunity for Jack to learn how to tie a knot.

In three easy steps, you and your littles can make these eay DIY Ribbon Christmas Trees to gift away to friends, family and teachers!

  • Ribbon
  • Stick 
  • Scissors
  1. Gather sticks from outside, any ribbon from past Christmas’ or buy new. Cut pieces around 5-6 inches long depending how big you would like the make your ribbon Christmas tree.
  2. Starting from the bottom, tie the ribbon around the stick (Jack loves helping me).
  3. Keep tying the ribbon until you reach the top. Once you have reached the top, cut the ribbon so that the top is shorter then the bottom, like a Christmas tree!!

Now wasn’t that so easy! You can also see how we used these Ribbon Christmas Trees as the perfect Holiday table favor, here!

Do you adore a certain ornament that your child(ren) has made for you? What was it!?

Happy Holidays,

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