I’m not sure about your kids, but mine? They LOVE decorating. And not just the living room. Nope, they want decorations for their room as well. Throughout the year, they bring rocks into the house for special decorations to keep on their nightstands and you better believe when the holidays hit- they want something festive in their room as well.

This pom pom wreath is the perfect solution because not only is it gorgeous but it’s perfectly safe for them to make with me and have in their space. And although I’m sure they could figure out a way- I’m not scared of them breaking it!


  • Foam wreath form
  • Yarn (one giant skein, one small skein accent colour)
  • Large and small forks
  • Quality Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bottle Brush Trees

  1. Start by making all those pom poms! Little hands will have so much fun ‘helping’ you make these but you could set aside an evening TV show to do the bulk of them. Make pom poms using different sized forks as templates. Wrap the yarn around the fork  before tying it off through the tines. You’ll need about one inch thick of wrapped yarn for a two inch pom pom. That’s a LOT more yarn than you’re thinking, so keep wrapping. Cut the ends and fluff out your pom poms! Don’t worry if they’re not quite perfect, you’re glueing them on so no one will ever see what the backside of that pom pom looks like.

  1. When all your pom poms are made, heat up that glue gun and get sticking them on! My kids had fun learning how to use the glue gun (with supervision) and after a couple turns each, we switched to them pointing where I should put glue for their pom poms. Alternate small and large pom poms and make sure to wrap them all the way around to the edges to keep any styrofoam wreath form from showing.
  2. Trim the wild hairs of the pom poms… some of them will get away from you! There’s no shame in that.
  3. Add your accent colour pom poms in. Sprinkle them around, nestle them in and just glue them right on top.

5. Last but not least, add in whatever decorations you want in there. We chose some adorable mini bottle brush trees.

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