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DIY Pom Pom Basket

One of my absolute favourite things to do is make POM POM’s! They are so quick and easy to do, and you can add them to basically everything. I mean EVERYTHING!

I love adding them to wicker baskets. It’s a great way to incorporate an accent colour into a space without making too much commitment. You can always change the colours in the future!



– You’ll need some yarn. I like using crochet yarn. 1-4 colours.
– A pair of scissors.
– Your beautiful hand
– A basket.
– A glue gun and some glue sticks.

1: Take your yarn and begin to wrap around your hand (I usually do a four finger wrap pom pom.)
Continue wrapping until the yarn starts to become almost ball like (wrap 30-50 times depending on yarn used). Be sure not to wrap too tight otherwise you won’t be able to slip off your hand.

2:  Slip the yarn off of your hand. Take another piece of yarn about 10 inches long and tie a knot around the middle of your yarn. Make sure this is tight.

3:  Cut the loops on both ends of your yarn. Trim more if needed to shape into a circular pom pom. Repeat 4x.

4:  Plan out where you’d like your Pom Poms to sit on your basket. Now with your glue gun, secure the Pom Poms in place.

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