Brent, the boys and I are always spending our sunny days outdoors venturing and exploring, whether it be on the 4 wheeler exploring the forest grounds or running through the creek, these boys have a love for the outdoors like no other; basically they live in rubber boots and ripped jeans! From stomping through the crisp warm leaves during thanksgiving walks on my parents farm, to discovering chestnuts on Uncle Ky and Aunt Linds front lawn, the boys are always bringing back natures souvenirs and I am always finding ways to incorporate them into our home. You can see how I have done that here, when it comes to decorating with nature. I have these cute polaroid photos of the boys and our adventures that I wanted to incorporate into our Holiday decor, and so I came up with a cool idea to display them over our faux mantel in the living room. From there on, we needed to go on the hunt for the perfect tree branch to get our mantel Holiday ready!

DIY Photo Hanging Tree Branch

  • 1 tree branch
  • Jute rope or string
  • Scissors
  • Favourite photos/ polaroids or Holiday cards(approx. 4×4)
  • Small wood clothespins
  • A few extra Christmas ornaments for Holiday flare
  1. Find the perfect size tree branch. Once you’ve brought it home, tie both ends of the branch with rope. Measure and mark on the wall with a pencil where you will hang the branch. Hammer in 2 nails where the string from either side of the tree branch will hang.
  2. Once your tree branch is hanging from the wall, cut string in various lengths and tie around the branch. Using a wooden clothespin, clip the photo to the string!
  3. Once you have spaced and hung an assortment of your favourite photos, begin layering in a few hanging ornaments to achieve that Holiday sparkle we all love! Note: this tree branch is wonderful decor to accent your home with before or after Christmas- simply remove the hanging ornaments to simplify the look!

I love how the natural green from the tree branch contrasts with the black shiplap wall;  it’s not to bold but the perfect amount of liveliness to wake up a room! Jack always points up at his favourite photos and tells me the story behind each one of them- it’s the cutest and a great reminder as too why I love decorating with the boys 🙂

Do you have a special way of incorporating your Holiday photos or cards into your decor? I’d love to hear how!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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