I often compare my children’s childhood to my own. I compare the careless days of my youth running around the streets with the neighbourhood kids and wonder why we now schedule our social interactions. I compare today’s electronic wristbands to our slap bracelets of years gone by. Come summer time, I compare our long roaming summer days where our adventures are only over when the street lights turned on to their, “Im bored” by 9AM.

As parents, raising children in a bustling scheduled world, it is becoming a popular practice to try to recreate the simple days of our childhoods for our own families. We are ready to share our slow and humble beginnings with their bright and blinking electronic driven world.

Let’s not get rid of the blasting air conditioning just yet, but lets slow down, listen for the ringa-ding-ding of the icecream truck and gather the gang for a day filled with out door activities, playing games like dodgeball and old yeller referee free? When the sun is shining high and bright on a hot summer day, I can almost see my mother waving goodbye from the kitchen window while I hear the neighbourhood kids yelling my name, calling me over.

Remember rec room shelves stocked full of boxed board games and the hours of fun they gave us? Well this year, I want to bring long summer days of play games back. However, with this quick DIY tic tac toe board game, no precious cupboard real-estate will be jeopardized. So, roll up those sleeves, kick off your sandals, claim a bit of shade and get ready to create an easy breezy portable DIY board game of your own.

Here’s how we created our own DIY backyard tic tac toe in less than five minutes. Leaving us plenty of precious fleeting summer hours to challenge the neighbourhood gang to a tic tac toe tournament.

Here’s what you need to get your own game on:


– Nine rocks

– Terra cotta flower pot big enough to hold your rocks within it

-Terra cotta drip tray to accompany it

-Thick permanent marker

To create your own mobile board game you’ll only need to take a few simples steps.

1: First, gather your rocks and permanent marker.

2: Then use a permanent marker to create “x’s” on half and “o’s” on the other half.
Set aside and let dry.

3:Take your terra cotta drip tray and create a # pattern on it by carefully drawing it on with your marker. This will act as the base for your board game but will also act as the lid to your board game when it is not in use.

4: Lastly, gather your stones within your pot for easy mobility and secure the “lid” on top by placing it upside down so it rests within the pot’s circumference.

Now you can put the call out to the neighbourhood kids, grab the sunscreen, pour the drinks, sit back and see how you easily recreated the simple days of your youth. In five minutes or less. Now to figure out how to make slap bracelets and jelly shoes as cool as they once were.

Are you a board game enthusiast? What is your favorite? Would you and your kids have fun making something like this? We definitely did.

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