I will never forget the first time my husband and I got one another presents for our stockings. We both filled it with one another’s favourite candies and silly little things from the dollar store. It was pretty much the best part of that first Christmas together as we opened our stockings in bed on Christmas morning before actually making it down the stairs – not traditional at all, but sometimes traditions are ok to put aside!

Those first stockings haven’t survived (they both ripped, somehow) and I never replaced them. I have a hard time justifying spending a bunch of money on new ones, so I decided to make some for our twin boys this year. We didn’t get them stockings last year for their first Christmas (I was too pregnant and then too busy snuggling babies), so this year I made them their very first ones! And the best part is there was no sewing, it didn’t take long or cost much!

  • An old sweater
  • Peel n Stick fabric fuse
  • Scissors
  • Faux fur

If you happen to have an old sweater, bonus. Otherwise, hit up your nearest thrift store like I did!

  1. To make my template, I used a pair of thick socks I own and traced around them. Make the template about ½ an inch bigger than you want your stocking to be to allow for a seam.
  2. Cut out your template, place it on the sweater and cut the shape out. If you want to be precise, pin the template to the sweater.
  3. Cut your fabric fuse sheets into strips and place them along the edges of your stocking shape. Do this on the outside of the sweater, not the inside!
  4. Once you’ve covered all the way along the edges, remove the paper backing and place the other piece on top, now with the outside facing down, so both outer parts are being glued together at the edges.
  5. Now press down firmly and wait a few minutes before turning your stocking inside out. Voila! You have a stocking! The fabric fuse is permanent, and will be able to hold a bit of weight, but maybe don’t push it too hard!
  6. If you want to keep embellishing, grab some faux fur at your local craft store (it even comes in small sheets) and cut a 3-4 inch strip out. Put fabric fuse on the back and glue along the top of the stocking.
  7. Final step: cut a strip out of the remaining pieces of the sweater and use more fabric fuse to glue it to the inside corner of your stocking, making a little loop for hanging. And now it’s done!

I used some ornaments to decorate the stockings a bit more and filled them with some freshly cut greenery from our backyard until Santa comes.

All in all, each stocking cost me around $11 and took roughly 15 minutes to make with absolutely no sewing. Totally worth it!

Have you ever attempted to make your own stocking before?

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