A happy home is one that can stand up to real life. Dining tables that hold art projects and coffee tables that double as children’s launch pads. A space where real life happens. It’s the one place that is truly yours, where you can relax, recharge and be yourself. So its no doubt that your furniture will need some good loving once in a while too.

I am always looking at ways to eliminate unnecessary cleaning chemicals from our home’s environment. With three kids, a dog and a gaggle of chickens that have been known to wander indoors, cleaning is what we do a lot of around here. I have constantly been on a search  for natural products that will keep our home fresh and clean without harmful residue. I want our space to look good and feel great!

With a busy household though, I do not always have the time to search out, fork out and try out the latest and greatest products on the market. So, I have resorted to my childhood days, when my mother would whip up natural products right in the kitchen from items she already had on hand.

Creating natural and organic cleaning solutions for your wood surfaces is key to banishing dirt and chemicals from your home. It is also easy to do and even easier on your wallet! You won’t even have to dip into your decor fund. 😉

For a simple every day cleaning solution for your wood table tops mix equal parts white vinegar and vegetable oil and combine directly into marked containers. This solution is so care free and safe that you wont be timid to get other members in the family to help with the disinfecting and cleaning.

Simply shake up your homemade solution when you are ready to use and spray directly on to the surface you want to clean. The vinegar smell will evaporate in minutes and the oil will bring out all the lovely tones in the dining table from your Grandparents or will show off the gorgeous wood veining in your new coffee table.

Once you have tried your hand at making your own natural germ fighting solutions, you will be hooked. The peace of mind that comes along with caring for your favorite pieces and caring for your family’s health is rewarding beyond belief.

If you want to try your hand at making a furniture polish with clean smelling aromas that last for days simply mix the following furniture polish recipe!

Natural Furniture Polish

  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 2-3 drops of essential lemon oil
  1. Mix into an 8 oz spray bottle.
  2. Shake up and apply. (If you don’t have lemon oil on hand simply replace with the zest of a fresh lemon.)

How does something so simple to make work so well? The lemon extract will clean your surfaces and the acid in your vinegar will cross the cell membrane of bacteria which causes bacteria to perish. Yipppeeee!

To use, simply dust your table tops with a soft cloth to banish any dust (or chicken feathers in our case!) and apply your furniture polish on to a clean cloth then work into a circular motion on to your wood surface. Shine with another dry soft cloth and enjoy the natural sheen and fresh scent that is left behind.

You don’t need harsh chemicals and a plethora cleaning bottles anymore. Simplify your life with this recipe and rest assure your surfaces will be clean and your cleaning cupboard green! By bye germs! Hello long living beautiful wood furniture!

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