I love DIY Projects, but do you know what my favourite DIYs of all are? The ones created by those sweet little humans that call me Mom! My oldest son Jack will be beginning JK this following September and I’m so excited for the piles of crafts and artwork that will soon bombard my home! At this moment, Jack really enjoys paint. Its messy, gooey, colourful, you can use your fingers, a fancy paint brush or even dip something into the paint to create a cool stamp effect- something my 4-year-old is infatuated with!

It’s SUMMER and Jack LOVES lemonade, I thought it was only necessary to create some fun artwork with the boys. When it comes to crafts and creating something with your children, it makes them feel so incredibly proud to create memorial pieces that they can display all over the house- it’s a symbolization of them and it’s time well spent! The best way to really emphasize your child’s artwork is by putting it in a frame and incorporating it into your decor. And really, how stinkin’ cute is your child’s artwork… mini Picasso in the making!? The cool thing is that someday this framed piece of artwork may even become apart of their own home. 

DIY Lemon Stamp Art

  • 1 lemon
  • Paint
  • Art paper (thick enough it wont crinkle)
  • Picture frame
  1. Set up the art station by laying out supplies, putting down kraft paper or newspaper and begin by cutting the lemon in half. As you can see from the above photo, we use our kitchen table for everything!
  2. Dip the cut side of the lemon into paint. Since there might be little too much paint on the lemon, use another sheet of paper to stamp any excess paint off so that when your child begins to stamp the “good copy”, the fine details of the lemon will show flawlessly 🙂
  3. Stamp that juicy lemon until the paint has been used up and then repeat step 2 until you’ve completed a full sheet of lemon stamps.
  4. Once the art masterpiece has had a chance to dry, you will take a pencil and begin tracing around the outside of the picture frame mat. Flip the mat and artwork over, tape the artwork to the mat and place back into the picture frame. Now how fun was that!?

You can literally stamp any fruit in which you will get the same cool effect! Jack loved this DIY and it was so fun to watch him create something special. Now his artwork is displayed in our bedroom proudly, giving our bedroom that extra summery touch just in time for summer! 

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