When we made over our master bedroom, I knew that I wanted the room to make a statement, and yet be a place of calm, where we could retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with twin toddlers.

The artwork in the room needs to play a big part in this also, and I love a piece of art that reminds me of what’s really important. I chose the quote “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family” which has been attributed to Mother Teresa, and I chose it because I love that we can start and end our days with a reminder to show and teach our boys love, and also that if we have done that at the end of the day, we’ve done well!

I knew this DIY large print piece needed to be large, and I also knew I needed to make it budget friendly, and I’ve found a way, so let me show you how you can make your own (I even have the printable file for you!)

– Engineer print of artwork (I’ll explain this a bit better)
– 2 pieces of 1x2x8 pine
– Wood stain (optional)
– Poster board (optional)
– 4 1” screws
– 1 sawtooth hanger

1: Engineer Print
To make your budget-friendly print, download the file and either go in or send the print online to your local printing centre. These prints typically cost no more than $2-3 – pretty amazing! They are normally 20×30″ in size, but can be made larger, also.

2: Make your frame

This may seem complicated, but I promise you it’s super simple. You’ll need two pieces of your 1×2 cut to 20 inches, and two cut to 30 inches. You can have this done at the hardware store if cutting it at home isn’t a possibility for you! Easy peasy!

To put it together, simply build your frame, and if you have a clamp, use one to put the corners together with one screw in each corner.

Optional step: stain or paint your frame to a colour of your choice.

3: Attach your print to the frame
You can choose something more permanent like staples for this, but because I’d like to change this print occasionally, I used tape all along the back. Cut some masking tape to size to attach your print to the back of the frame, and while you’re there, nail in your sawtooth hanger.

4: Hang up your artwork!
That’s it! You’re done!! Because it’s so light, you don’t require anything special to hang it up with and the sawtooth hanger will allow you to level it nicely.

I love that this sign welcomes us every day, and that if I choose to put up something else, the prints aren’t expensive to have printed off. Imagine what a lovely housewarming present this could make for someone! And they’d never have to know that it only cost about $7 to make!

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