One of my biggest pleasures of summer is spending time outside with my family, watching the my kids running around, playing with them in the garden, grilling and then eating on our patio with family and friends. Honestly if I could, I would even sleep outside during the summer months! But it’s really no fun at all when bugs, mosquitoes and ants come to join in the fun, am I right? And even though there is big choice of products on the market, sometimes I’m simply out of them, and sometimes I think that all the chemicals in them are a bit too harsh for my kids sensitive skin.But lucky there are other ways to get rid of all the annoying bugs and misquotes. Thanks to the use of special plants, herbs and spices we can still enjoy our patio even without the store bought products!

So here are my all-time favorite natural, simple and easy ways for getting rid if the mosquitoes and bugs on my patio!

  1. Planting bug-repellent plants and herbs

    Let nature work for you in the easiest and prettiest way possible. There are many plants and herbs that will naturally repel mosquitoes and bugs, and most of them are really easy to find too. So try to get your hands on any of these:
    1. Basil
    2. Rosemary
    3. Lavender
    3. Lemongrass
    4. Lemon balm
    5. Lemon thyme
    5. Catnip
    6. Garlic
    7. Marigolds
    You can either plant these plants separately, or combine them all together. You could also add another smaller pot with basil or rosemary, and use it as an outdoor table centerpiece. I choose to plant herbs separately, and basil separately, and I placed them around our outdoor sofa and as a part of my patio table decoration.

  2. Use cinnamon to get rid of bugs in the sandbox

    If your kids are playing in the sandbox then adding cinnamon will prevent ants from getting in! Also cinnamon is great for preventing mold on plants, so use it wherever your plants may need it.

  3. Make your own mason jar bug repellent disguised as a pretty table candle!

    My favorite way to add a bit of charm to the table is with candles and this floating candle with fresh herbs and essential oils is nothing short from charming!

  • Mason jar
  • Water
  • Rosemary
  • Lemons and limes
  • Essential oils  (lavender and lemon)
  • Floating candle
  1. Place a rosemary in the mason jar
  2. Top it with lemon and lime slices and pour over some water.
  3. Add couple if drops of essential oils, and a floating candle.
  4. Place it on the table, and enjoy it’s fresh scent, and a bug-free evening!
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