I’ve had a life long love affair with nature. I love to get outside to soak in the great outdoors, and even Canadian winters can’t keep me away. When our little family isn’t renovating our indoor spaces you will find us taking in everything outside our doors. Hikes in the woods, building snow forts in the yard, you name it, we embrace it.

Because we love the outdoors so much you will often find us bringing some of the outside world into our spaces. In the summer we fill our rooms with wild bouquets and smooth stones from the beaches and trails we visit. We love to bring the outdoors in! In the winter however, when everything outside is covered in cold snow and ice, we are limited.

But of course, that doesn’t stop us from trying.When wanting to bring subtle winter charm into our space, we look no further than the thrift store and the dollar store.

If you’re someone who loves simple winter touches in your spaces, then this idea is for you! Perhaps you have a space that could use another window, or perhaps you live in a climate where you don’t get cold winters but you crave the coziness of a full fledged winter wonderland swarming outdoors?  If so, this quick and easy DIY project is for you too.

Pour yourself a mug of Christmas cheer, light the fire, and get ready to create a simple indoor winter wonderland in minutes.

All you need is an old frame, a hand full of dollar store drippy plastic icicles, fishing string and some clear tape. You don’t need to be like Santa’s elves, capable of working in a crafting workshop to complete this project. All you need is about five minutes and the lyrics from “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” looping through your memory. You know, for encouragement. 😉

  1. Simply thread some fishing wire through your plastic icicles and secure them on to your thread with a couple of knots.
  2. Next, turn your frame over and attach your strung icicles at varying lengths and secure them in place with some tape

Voila! You’re done!  Can you believe it? A DIY project in two easy steps?! I know, me too. That’s why I decided to create a grouping out of these frames and to even get the kids involved too. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. The beauty is in the creativity that flows while you are completing this easy craft along side the ones you love. Sharing that winter spirit with each other never felt so cozy.

If you want to create a gallery wall like we did, simply unify some thrift store frames with a misting of spray paint, follow tips one and two and then hang multiple frames in a cluster with finishing nails. No measuring required! Hang your frames where you wish leaving more time for outdoor adventures.

Now you can enjoy lovely winter elements from the comfort of your coziest spot, without even having to shovel the driveway!

What kind of natural winter elements do you like to bring in to your spaces?

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