This adorable pendant light fixture takes no time at all to make and adds a fun, summery flair to any outdoor or indoor space.  I love that it’s functional, whimsical, and very affordable to create.  Makers can add flowers, birds, plastic food, or any other details that reveal their personality and style with this project.  The possibilities for what type of bowl/baskets you can use are endless. Pick something that speaks to you.  Look in the trash can section of a dollar store or department store if you want something with more depth.

-Thrift store wicker bowl or basket
-Light cord with switch
-Flowers, birds, plastic fruits (whatever inspires you!)
-Thin wire
-Wire cutters
-Hot glue gun
-Ceiling hook

Total Prep Time: 1 hour

I bought my 6′ hanging light cord for $7. You want to look for one with a built in switch, in the lighting section of your local hardware store.

1. My basket very conveniently had holes in it so I strung the cord right through. If yours doesn’t, you can cut a hole using wire cutters big enough for the base (where the lightbulb screws in) and pull it through.

3. Insert the light fixture through the hole and twist the top of it to keep it secured.

4. Using a thin wire and/or hot glue gun add your flowers, birds, and other fun items to the wicker. Be mindful of keeping the weight distributed evenly so your light isn’t lop sided.

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