Anyone who knows me know I’m a tad obsessed with my plants, so any way I can incorporate them into my home decor tickles me pink. This hanging planter is perfect for plants that droop such as Creeping Jenny, String of Pearl, Rat-tail, Pothos, Wandering Jew or ferns and can be made using any piping and wire you like, from copper to brass to aluminum.

I’ve made a few of these in my day, (my mom even helped by making prototypes using straws and string!) and, unlike other geometric planter tutorials, this one is as simple as possible with only 9 easy-to-follow steps, allowing you plenty of freedom to customize the size and length.

Whether in the bathroom or living room, in a cluster of three or stand-alone, each geometric hanging planter costs under $15 using materials you can find at any hardware store and will remain a timelessly beautiful fixture in any space. —Sabrina


  • 1 10’ length of 1/4” diameter copper coil piping (approximately $10)
  • Approximately 15’ of 20 gauge copper wire (approximately $4)
  • A potted plant of your choosing


  1. Roughly straighten the coiled copper piping by rolling it on a flat surface. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight yet, that comes later, perfectionists! From the one piece of piping, cut nine short pieces and three pieces double the length of the short pieces. The length depends on how large or small you want your planter, which you can roughly judge by the size of your potted plant. The planter pictured in this post uses nine 8” pieces and three 16” pieces for  6-9” potted plant. Cut the copper using wire cutters or by using a vice and metal handsaw as I did. 
  2. Now perfectly straighten the various lengths of copper. It’s okay if they’re a little bit wavy; that adds to the imperfect industrial look! If your hands get sore, you can use a hardcover book or wood plank as the “rolling pin”. You’ll now have nine short pieces and three long pieces of piping nice and straight.
  3. Now you need your thin copper wire. Thread the entire length of the copper wire through 3 small lengths of piping to create a triangle, leaving 1” of wire sticking out the end. Secure the triangle in place by twisting the 1” piece of wire at the end around the remaining wire. Don’t cut the wire.
  4. Thread two more short length of pipe onto the same wire to form another triangle. Secure it in place by threading the wire over and under the wire that shows in the apex. You can loop it once if you’d like a more secure hold for larger, heavier planters.
  5. Repeat step 4 to create 2 more triangles so there’s now four small triangles creating one larger triangle.
  6. After securing the wire on the last small triangle, the wire should now be coming out of the “middle” of the left side of the larger triangle. Continue to thread the wire through the next short length (meaning this piece of piping will have 2 wires running through it) so that it comes out of one of the tips of the large triangle.
  7. Thread one large piece of piping onto this wire and cut the wire so there’s an excess 6” to 1’ of wire coming out, deepening on how low you want your planter to hang.
  8. Using the remaining loose wire, cut 2 more pieces of wire to be the same length of one long pipe piece plus however long you left the first cut plus 1” or so extra. Secure each wire piece to the remaining 2 apexes of the triangle by winding it around the exposed wire. Thread on the remaining long piping lengths. If you have a short piece of wire sticking out from the securing process, you can tuck it into the long piece to hide it.
  9. To finish the planter off, you have a few options. You can gather the 3 wires coming out of the long pieces and thread them all through any length of leftover copper piping. Or you can wind any 2 wires into a coil around the other 1 piece of wire. In either case, form a small loop with the end of the long wire and voila!

Or you can even wrap the wires in leather, coloured yarn or whatever your heart desires! The options are endless for finishing the planter. They work great as standalone pieces or as a cluster of 3 planters of different sizes hung at different heights. They even look snazzy as a tabletop decor item to frame a plant, candles or a favorite trinket. Have fun!

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