Are you looking for a spooky fun DIY Halloween craft that will bring a little magic into your home… and maybe last from one Halloween to the next? Well I was! My little guys, Jack and Max, have a corner in our living room designated to them with a table and chair set featuring a few photo ledges above. With Halloween just around the corner, I wanted to bring some spooky fun into this little space for them to enjoy! After all, Halloween is only one day!

I’m sharing a super easy and affordable DIY Halloween BOO Banner — check out the step-by-step tutorial below.

  • felt fabric ( 1/2 yard of each colour is plenty)
  • wooden dowel
  • twine
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • needle and thread
  • chalk
  • glue gun
  1. Lay out the fabric that will be used as your banner.  Using a ruler (or meter stick in my case) measure and mark with chalk the length and height of your banner. Mine measures 16 inches by 19 inches. At the bottom of the 19 inches, mark the middle (8 inches) with a dot– this is where your lines will connect, giving you that banner appeal!
  2. Take your nifty fabric sheers and begin cutting out you banner.
  3. Once your banner is cut out, it’s time to make a small pocket at the top of the banner for your wooden dowel to slide through. I used a little bit of chalk to mark a line, then I used a glue gun to temporarily hold the folded fabric into place until I began step 4!
  4. If you’re great with a sewing machine, go for it… but for me I’d rather hand sew. Starting at one end at the back of the banner, knot and begin weaving the needle and thread until you reach the other end. I like the quirky uneven lines, it gives the whole DIY craft a little ‘handmade with love’ feel! Another trick: if your thread is on the thin side, double up to make the stitching appear thicker.
  5. Using twine, tie and knot around each end of the wooden dowel- this is how the dowel is hung! No drill needed here…
  6. With the second colour of fabric, draw out your words or shapes that you will be attaching on top of the banner fabric. I went with the classic BOO. If you decide to free hand it, make sure to draw out the wording/shape a bit larger then what you plan to use– you can always trim in the edges afterwards.
  7. Once the letters have been (roughly) cut out, use your scissors to trim away those jagged lines. As mentioned in step 6, you can critique your wording/shape now!
  8. Place your wording/shape on top of banner. Once you have found the perfect placement, grab that hot glue gun and secure the letters so you can begin sewing them on permanently. I have to admit, sewing the lettering is the most time consuming part, but really, it only took me the afternoon to complete this DIY with the help of my oldest son (he’s three so we know how that goes, haha)! And what goes hand and hand with Halloween!? CANDY… that is exactly how I got these two crazy pants to sit still and look cute!

What are some of your favourite DIY Halloween crafts? Would you tackle this Halloween BOO Banner?

Happy Halloween guys! 🙂


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