DIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

It’s always nice to add a few handmade touches to the holiday, don’t you think? I’m really excited to share this framed ornament tree project because it’s so easy and it’s easy to change up every year so you’ll never get bored of it. This is a great piece to add to an already existing gallery wall or something to hang up especially for the holidays.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

• empty wood frame in the size of your choice
• (optional) Krylon spray paint in colour of your choice for frame
• a roll of screen material (available at hardware store)
• staple gun & scissors
• various size ornaments

DIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

Step 1: measure and cut your screen to fit the interior of your frame. Leave an extra 2″ all around.

DIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

Step 2: Fold over your ‘hem’ all around your screen material. This is to help protest your wall and fingers from the edges of the cut screen and also to help better keep the screen in place when stapled.

Step 3: beginning from the center of each side working out toward the corners pull and staple the screen to the frame. Be fairly generous with the staples but don’t go nuts. Every 3″-4″ should be good.

You’ll end up with something like this from the back (ignore the blue sticky tack from an old project). It definitely doesn’t look pretty but it doesn’t need to be.  Then all you have to do is turn it around and start hanging your ornaments in the shape you want. You can do a tree or a wreath would look great too.

DIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

I recommend using various sizes of ornaments to make it a bit more interesting and the smaller ones will help to fill any gaps and make it look more full.

DIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

You can have some fun and creative freedom with different shapes, colours and textures. It’s great as a piece of holiday art but it’s also an easy alternative to an actual Christmas tree. Whether you live in a small space or just a tree decorating kinda person, this is a great alternative. If you use a really large frame you can lean it on the floor against a wall for a more impactful ‘tree’ look. You really can have fun with it!

Thanks for reading!


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