Nothing says “we don’t really live here” like bare walls – that’s why art is one of the most vital things needed to make a house into a home. Covering large walls, however, can be daunting and expensive, so it’s understandable that it gets put on the back burner. I’m here to tell you that covering that large, bare wall is possible, and you can do it on a major budget, too!

Agate is having a bit of a moment, and it’s lovely to see it in coasters, but the stone is so beautiful that framing it as artwork is a no brainer. Here’s how I created these framed agate pieces.


  • agate wind chime (or you could use pieces meant for coasters)
  • 4-6 frames
  • gold foil marker
  • E6000 glue
  • white foam board

Step 1

If you’re using a wind-chime like me, you’ll need to take it apart first.

Step 2

Using a gold foil marker, colour in the rough edges of your agate pieces. Don’t worry about getting every single little nook and cranny filled in – this is just to add a little tough of glimmer to the stone pieces.

Step 3

Get some white foam board and cut to size for your frames then, using clear multi-surface glue (I’m a fan of E6000 myself), apply a dab to each end of the agate and center onto the foam board.

One of my agate pieces needed a little extra help sticking to the foam board, so I used a heavy book to help it along!

Step 4

Get those bad boys framed and up on a wall!

To hang these, I used Command strips to make sure the frames remain as straight as possible, and also because this way they are perfectly flush with the wall, giving the whole thing a much more streamlined look.

These would be great on a large empty wall like this, above a console table. From afar, you get the illusion that this is one large piece of art, and up close you see the beautiful details of colour and texture from the agate.

You could definitely use this in several other parts of your home. I think that as a gallery wall going up a stairwell this could be so gorgeous, or even over a low headboard to add some drama!

So next time you see an agate wind-chime or some coasters, do remember that you can frame them and create some unique and beautiful artwork for your home.

A little tip when decorating with these: it’s never a bad idea to use colours in your decor that might compliment the agate pieces. I liked the idea of having gold around the edges because I knew the frames had golden edges, and then I used blue and gold with other pieces to make the whole thing a little more cohesive.

Have you tried framing agate, or any other stone? How did you style it? Leave us a comment sharing how you made some unique artwork for your home!

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