To me this DIY is absolutely dreamy. It’s such a great way to personalize a room, especially kids. And friends, its easier than it looks!! But if you have the jitters a great variation on this DIY is to just do one initial!

– A selection of silk flowers. Select a few medium sized flowers, but pick mostly smaller flowers and smaller green leaves. These will enable us to read the letters more clearly in the end.

– Wire.

– Pliers.

– Floral Tape

– Glue and Glue gun

1:  Take your wire and begin to shape the first letter. Continue shaping the wire in a cursive style until you complete the name. Trim wire at the end.

2:   Take a stem of flowers and a couple of leaves and secure it to the wire with a few inches of floral tape. Keep it pretty thin as you work your way around. If the flowers are too thick the name will be hard to read. Continue your way around until the end.

3:  Finish up by adding some of the medium sized flowers onto the letters that have more breathing space. You can add these with some floral tape and your glue gun if necessary.

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