Every year, I’m always looking for new DIYs to spruce up our Christmas decor and something fun and easy to share with you! I wanted to keep our home and Christmas decor simple and functional because as the boys are getting bigger, literally BIGGER, they need space to run around and play. Therefore, the less objects (especially breakable) in their way, the better! ย With our new charcoal shiplap wall, I knew I wanted to create a garland that was simple using this year’s colour scheme, brown, copper, silver and hints of navy. What I love about this garland is how it has so much texture yet it’s simple enough to layer with more garlands on the mantel. I love how the felt can be messy but it still has that perfect appeal. I find that the boys are always reaching up to touch the felt and sometimes I’ll catch Max running around with it, thankfully its super durable ๐Ÿ˜‰

Follow these 3 easy steps to make your very own DIY Felt Garland!

  1. Gather a various amount of felt sheets, I got mine from a local craft store and I used 2 sheets of each colour. Begin by cutting strips of the felt from the sheets. I then cut the strips into 1/2″ by ย 5″ pieces.
  2. Once you have all your felt sheets cut into 5″ strips. Take a piece of string, I used hemp rope, and begin by tying the felt onto the rope.
  3. Once I had a few felt strips tied to the rope, I began pushing them down the rope to make room for more. I alternated colours in no particular order and I absolutely love the messy look! Once you have made your felt garland to the desired length, loop knot each end!

VOLIA… how easy was that! Doesn’t this garland look so pretty next to the dark shiplap!? I love how cozy and welcoming the warm hues of brown feel within this space. This is a great DIY to do with your children simply because all you really have to do is tie the felt! These felt garlands can be put in numerous places like on the Christmas tree, the mantel or stair banister to easily impact any space. I bet you’ll be making a new one to dress up your home every season ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you have favourite garlands you love using to dress up your mantel?

Wishing you the merriest of Holidays,


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