We’ve all seen those gorgeous concrete planters. They are beautiful and stylish, but tend to be pricey. And trying to make a planter out of concrete itself is messy and a lot of work! Thankfully, there is an easy DIY project where you can create the look of concrete, for a fraction of the cost. Here’s how to do it:

-Grab simple plastic pots or, better yet, any old household objects that can hold a plant. Think outside the box! Candle holders, jars, kitchen accessories…anything!
– Pick up some spray paint or paint that has a textured concrete finish (available at most craft and home improvement stores). Two colours may be better than one, so look for a light and dark grey option

1: Begin by using the lighter color of concrete paint to paint your pots.

2: Let dry and then use the darker color to come back and add dimension and shading.

3: Once dry, use some gold paint to add a few metallic details like triangles, splatters, or words like “GROW”.

4: The final step is to add your soil, plants, and decorative rocks. Now that was easy, wasn’t it?!

I love that these small planters have incredible texture and I can place them around the house where I need an injection of summer. You could even try it on a large wood or plastic outdoor planter to make it look like those fancy oversized concrete planters.


Julie Table Lamp

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