Sometimes the things you hate as a child become the very things you treasure as an adult. When I was younger, my Mom used to decorate the house with eucalyptus. I despised the scent of it and used to constantly question her “green medicine plant” floral arrangements. 20 years later, I can get enough of it. The scent of eucalyptus now reminds me of home. I use it all year round, in bouquets during the spring and summer and in wreaths during the fall and holiday season. When I was looking for plant options for the guest bedroom, I thought what better way than to use a few fresh sprigs of eucalyptus! Instead of the traditional bouquet, I decided to create a simple wall hanging that adds some simple greenery to the room and gives the space an energizing, uplifting scent.

  • Fresh eucalyptus branches
  • Two sticks
  • Rope or twine
  • Drill
  • Floral wire
  • Hanging hook or nail
  1. Find 2 sticks or use 2 wooden dowel rods (available at Home Depot). Cut them to your desired width.
  2. Drill 2 small holes into the rods on both ends.
  3. Pull the rope through the holes, starting at the bottom left and going clockwise.
  4. Tie a knot at the end to ensure the rod stay in place. Cut some extra rope and tie a few knots underneath the first rod to ensure that also stays in place.
  5. Arrange your eucalyptus branches onto the rod and attach them using green floral wire. Use a hook or nail to hang your new eucalyptus wall hanging!
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