Last year we welcomed a gaggle of chickens to our family. We are outnumbered by the three cats, three kids and the senior dog that watches us all whirl around her. What was a few more little mouths to feed? Especially when the new additions also feed us right back.
Our chickens have since turned into our pets after being hand raised through a cold winter in our home. Now, that summer is here, they come and go from their outdoor coop, bask in the hot sunshine and take care of our table scraps. Yeah, I didn’t know chickens did that either.

We greatly appreciate the constant flow of fresh eggs we collect from our girls for obvious reasons. But now that summer is upon us, we also appreciate them for different reasons. Let me explain.

Eggs are not only nutritious consumed on their own and delicious when baked in a cake, but their shells are extremely valuable as well! In a world where most packaging is thrown out, nature’s packaging is reusable, purposeful and extremely convenient.
You don’t need a rowdy chicken coop to reap the benefits either, simply keep your egg shells after your next omelette and see why eggshells are becoming all the rage in summer gardens. Here’s how!



  • Egg shells
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Sharp pencil

1: First, take your full egg and tap lightly around the top circumference. You will want to have at least half of the entire egg intact to create a handy little egg cup.

2:  Next, rinse out your egg shell cup thoroughly and add a few small holes to the base of your shell with a sharp pencil.

3: Next, fill your shells with mineral rich potting soil.

4:  Pick a seed of your liking and bury an inch beneath the soil.

5: Spritz your seeds with water daily, place them within the sun’s reach and watch them sprout and grow!

When your seedlings are ready to be planted into a garden or pot, gently break up the egg cup and immerse beneath the soil of your garden. Because the egg is nutrient rich and biodegradable the soil of your garden will benefit from the calcium from the shells, guaranteeing that with a little sun and care a harvest will be ready by late summer to feed the whole family. The circle of life continues!

Did you know that ground up eggshells spread and scattered on top of gardens will also deter grubs and other pests from destroying the root of your plants? Do you use egg shells in a creative way? We have lots to go around so we would love to hear your ideas!

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