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DIY Copper Paper Towel Holder


Copper and metallics are beautiful all year round but specially during the holidays. The timeless look of copper, gold and silver never go out of style. I knew I wanted copper pieces as my accent for my kitchen décor.  Unfortunately, copper is not always affordable and so when I spotted a copper paper towel holder, I thought I could easily DIY myself.
I headed to my local hardware store, purchased some copper piping and got to work.

Copper pipe
Copper cap
Industrial strength glue
Drill spade bit 1/2″
Circular Wood Form

1: Mark the center of a wooden form and paint or stain as desired.
2: Drill a hole in the center using a drill spade but do not go all the way through the wood. paperrollholderdiy-3
3: Place a cap over pipe. paperrollholderdiy-44: Apply some industrial glue to the hole and insert copper tube into hole. Allow 24 hrs to dry prior to using.


I love looking at my DIY copper paper towel holder every time I walk into my kitchen.

Thanks for reading! Lucy

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