In every home we have ever lived in, our daughter has had lush greenery growing on her walls. Or, umm, should I say PAINTED on her walls. When we found out we were expecting a little girl, our current nursery was a neutral, unisex yellow from our first born. My husband had painstakingly painted it when I was expecting. The color, though bright and a little too cherry, also had too much sentimental value behind it just to cover it up. So, as a happy soon-to-be-girl-Mama I improvised by painting long stems that grew up and around her yellow walls and crib, with pink round mirrors as reflective budding blooms. When we moved to our second home, I improvised again and hand painted a bushy and happy tree over top of her big girl bed. When we made our most recent move, I was commissioned by my daughter to top all of her other wall design with her greatest idea yet. After a few drawings of what she thought would be best, I got to it with my pots of paint from Benjamin Moore and her imagined design.

Floral walls might not be the first place one tries their DIY skills though. However, everyone should try their hand at adding a touch of unique painted DIY to their spaces!

DIY art in every form is an inexpensive way to add character and fun to a space. If your room is lacking a touch of color or a bold element, DIY brushstroke art can take a space from boring and snoring to fabulously fantastic. This DIY art can be just what an eclectic room needs to unify its color palette. It can also be a way to repeat colors that are already in an existing pattern within a room, like a wallpaper, a bedspread, a throw cushion, on in our situation, a painted floral wall.

However, I’ve been using this color selection theory way before little girls were begging me to paint their ideas up on their walls. This is a perfect way to make mismatched furniture feel unified. If you are upgrading the pieces within your home and want to create a cohesive vibe, this art project can help you do so. To get started with this painting project, you will first need to decide your color palette.


  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Card stock paper
  • Picture frame

1:  Choose your color palette.

2: After you’ve decided on your color palette you need only paint each color onto a sheet of paper with a paint brush. Both large and small paint brushes are excellent choices.

3: Admire your brush stroke art and set aside and let dry.

4: Lastly, secure each piece into a frame of your choice.

5: To finish off your DIY art, simply group together in a simple gallery wall.

If you are renting, find it hard to commit to art, or change your mind with décor as often as the seasons change (hello, ME!) then you might consider installing a picture ledge to group your framed brush stroke art on to. Or, hang your art like we did in a simple gallery wall.

For this DIY art project you will be able to inject color into your space, unify a room’s color palette and have a completed project installed by the end of the day. Also, this project is so easy, you can get the creative little ones in your life to help with this project. Leave the hand painted flowers for your next DIY.

Would you try this easy art project? If so, what colors would you choose? Would you use the picture ledge idea or jump right into putting up a gallery wall?

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