One of my favourite things to make during the holiday season is a wreath. This baby’s breath wreath is not only one of the easiest things you’ll ever craft, it also has a simple elegance that will add warmth and charm during the holidays.

Materials + Supplies:



Floral Wire (brown)



Fresh Baby’s Breath

Step 1:


This DIY starts with a stroll in the woods collecting sticks. This is such a fun way to involve the kiddies and to enjoy some fresh crisp air.  Look for flexible long thin sticks on the ground. Collect a medium sized bundle. Wrap the sticks in twine when your done for a nice meet bundle.

Step 2:


Grab a large handful of sticks and begin tightly wrapping your wire around the outside. As you are wrapping keep adding more sticks. Start to bend and play with the sticks and begin to form a circle. Attach the ends together by wrapping the wire just past the point where you began.  Secure by twisting the wire ends together.


*If you want to skip steps 1 and 2 you can find pre-made wreaths at any craft store.

Step 3:

Clip a small bunch of baby’s breath and decide where you’d like it to sit on the wreath.  I always like to play for a bit before I commit to attaching my flowers.  Attach it to your wreath with the wire. Continue adding small bunches of baby’s breath and secure with wire snugly into the previous attached bundle.


Step 4:

Once you get to the end, turn your last bunch around to face the opposite direction. Tuck it in snugly to get a nice finished end. Fluff up the baby’s breath lightly with your hands.

Step 5:


Lets hang this thang! Create a loop with your wire and secure it to the top of your wreath and hang.  Voila!


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