Living lakeside, I have an affinity for agate slices dyed any shade of teal or blue because they remind me of the water.  I have framed teal agate slices and have a multi-coloured set of agate coasters; but for the holidays I wanted to incorporate agate slices into seasonal decorating.  I decided to embellish a grapevine wreath with eleven delicate slices of agate, and I love how it turned out!

Making the wreath is really simple and requires minimal supplies

  • Grapevine wreath (purchased from a craft store)
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Agate slices (found on Etsy)
  • 22 gauge wire (purchased from a craft store – available in different metal tones)
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers (optional)
  1. First, I spray painted my grapevine wreath with a subtle gold,  but you can leave it natural – silver or white would play up the icy, wintry feel.  I let my wreath dry for 48 hours and then I set to work adding the agate slices.
  2. If you’re committed to keeping your agate slices affixed to the wreath, you could pick up a strong hold glue (like E-6000) or Lepage Gel Epoxy (my favorite) and simply glue the agates in place.  I might want to disassemble this wreath in the future and re-purpose the grapevine and the agates, so I opted to use wire to hold the agates in place.
  3. I looped a piece of wire around one end of the agate, twisting it tightly at the back. You can do this by hand, but needle-nose pliers help.  Be careful not to over-twist as metal fatigue can cause the wire to snap.  If your wire has snapped a few times, upgrade to a lower gauge wire. It will be a bit stiffer to work with, but will be stronger – especially good if you have little kiddos around who might be tempted to tug on the shiny agate slices.
  4. Next I cut a second piece of wire and looped it around the other end of the agate slice, twisting it tightly as well.  With a loop at each end of the agate, I brought the tail ends of wire together at the back of the agate slice and twisted them together.
  5. Then I threaded one piece of wire through the vines of my wreath and twisted it together with the other end, securing it in place.  For extra security, you can thread the wire again through the loops at the ends, affixing them to the grapevine there as well.  Then I simply buried the lose wire by pushing it through to the back of the wreath and snipping off any excess with the wire cutters.

I layered the agate slices loosely on top of one another, trying to create an arrangement with a natural and organic feel.
There are some incredibly sophisticated wire wrapping techniques that you could do to mimic the look of the grapevine and really decorate the agate slices while holding them in place.  I opted for something simple and easy because I was eager to get this beauty up on my wall!  Search “wire wrapped agate” on Pinterest for some beautiful inspiration.

Thanks for reading! Would you try this DIY?


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