There’s something truly magical about advent calendars. The way they excite kids and how they make every single day special. And I really think that counting down to Christmas, one day at a time, is one of the best joys of childhood, and one of the pleasures of motherhood. Because looking at my kids exited faces in the morning is what I love the most during the holiday season!So it’s not surprising that getting the advent calendar out off the living room coffee table, is one of our very favorite family traditions! Every day of December, in the early morning, my two daughters get up all exited and wake me up, begging to finally go downstairs and see the advent calendar. Some days they find candy (just don’t tell them it’s their Halloween leftover candy!) and some days they find stickers, temporary tattoos, or tiny little figurines. Honestly I don’t think it really matters what they find , as the magic lays in anticipation and surprise! And so, thanks to the advent calendar, the excitement for Xmas builds up gradually. And their huge smiles brighten my dark December mornings, as we go downstairs to count the days left until Xmas!

And this little muffin tin advent calendar is so easy to make, with this free printable that I made for my kids!

  • A mini-muffin tin ( for 24 muffins)
  • Printed advent calendar numbers ( click *here* to download)
  • Scissors and glue
  • Tiny treats, candy or stickers
  1. Download the PDF with the advent calendar.
  2. Cut out all the circles with numbers. 
  3. Put a treat in each muffin tin hole. 
  4. Glue a circle with a number on top.

Now, you can do as I did, and put inside a mix of various little candy, funny stickers and tiny little toys. Or, if your kids are a bit older than mine and can read, you could write down different activities for each day!

It could be: seeing Santa , going skating, making Xmas cookies together, watching a Xmas movie while eating Christmas popcorn, making hot chocolate, getting a new Xmas book together and reading it, eating pancakes in shape of a snowman, going sliding , making a snow man, having a family game night, watching more Xmas movies etc).

I really hope that you’ll give our simple advent calendar a try, and that it’ll help you enjoy the Christmas countdown with your kids!

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