When we were on the hunt for the perfect house to raise our family in back in 2012, I remember walking into our current house and falling in love. I could see all the potential this house had from the bright natural light that welcomed us inside, the bedrooms I could picture my children growing up in, and the kitchen where we would spend our days cooking and eating. I also imagined how I could transform our outdated kitchen and really make it ours- we were sold! When we moved in, we took down a half wall that once separated the kitchen and dining area, we put in a new island, backsplash, counter tops, appliances and even painted twice (more before and after photos here). My inspiration and love for this space has always been modern farmhouse; I have always loved old pendant lighting, cup pulls and anything with a rustic influence! I also love the amount of storage we have in our kitchen, the natural lighting that pours through the windows and how welcoming this space truly makes us feel. Since painting our outdated honey oak kitchen cabinets grey, tutorial here, our dining area was the last area that needed a little updating.

One of our favourite things about our kitchen is that the dining area is open and our table is used for everything! We love that the boys can climb up and have plenty of room to do crafts, build things out of play dough, have tractor races or eat a midday snack. I even find myself folding laundry or sitting down and using the table as my work space while watching the boys play in our backyard- it has the perfect view! Since our old table has been around from the beginning, it was time to update and we welcomed the Helix Dining Table and Stockton Side Chairs into the family, and boy do we ever love them!! The Helix Table picks up from the existing brown/wood finishes throughout our kitchen and I love that the table is thick, sturdy and perfect for our kids with the years ahead that this table will endure. I love how this is such a versatile table, it truly makes our space like a modern farmhouse in the city.

Instead of going with the matching chairs to the Helix table, we decided to pair the black Stockton Side Chairs instead. I’ve always had a love for old cafe metal chairs as they look great paired with anything! The Stockton chairs are a perfect complement to our kitchen as the black coordinates great with our cabinet hardware creating a consistent flow throughout our main living area. These chairs are indestructible, easy to wipe down and if they or the table collect a few dents or marks here and there, that will only add character for the road ahead! I really love how our main level space has slowly come together; it’s been my biggest house project yet.

Since my husband and I are a fairly young couple with 2 children, we have to be creative with transforming our home on a budget; that’s why DIY projects really make all the difference in a home when trying to create a space that represents you. I really love all the little DIY projects that have been incorporated into our space, but one of my favourites is the chrome pendent light hanging over our dining table. My dad used to milk cows and the pendant light is actually a milk strainer that we converted into a light; it’s those cool items in our home that share stories, give a little history and give our space lasting character. To this day, Jack my oldest son still remembers helping Papa Joe install that pendant light. There are also times when we do need to invest in those larger items, like a dining table. I have learned that what really matters is what you do around the table that really pulls your home together, from decorating to good company, it’s what you choose to make your home feel welcoming and happy! 

Thanks for reading! What memories come to mind from your dining room?

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