Uncluttered, Chic – This Desk Mood Board Will Keep You Sorted

Desk Mood Board

Your Desk Mood Board Is Here

The goal of any desk mood board is a clean and motivating workspace. And while #deskgoals are good to have, a spot to get stuff done is really what you want. And that’s why this Instagram Mood Board is dedicated to creating a home office that you will enjoy spending time in as well as getting done what needs to be done.

Staying between the lines

A desk with lots of drawers is a great find. But sometimes that can just end up the proverbial rug that we sweep all those trendy office accessories under. That saucy pad of stick notes – in the back drawer. That cursive agenda – it’s in there too. Pink file folders. Floral patterned binder clips. Tiffany blue thank you cards that you still haven’t gotten around to sending. They’re all in there. (And apparently there are bonus points for polka dots – who knew?)

The real way to declutter and get focused is to create a streamlined office space – one that gives you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Declutter queen Marie Kondo says to have desk that doesn’t become “a catch-all for odds and ends.” And by investing in a desk (like the Jasper Desk in Espresso or the Rachael Ray Highline Desk in Greige) that won’t allow it to become just another storage box.

As for where to put your stuff so your desk isn’t overloaded with papers and to-do lists (like clean your desk), consider a book shelf that will visibly house your items. Stylish boxes and jars are organizational tools, too.

Class in session – take a seat

We’ve paired the desks with clean-line chairs that complement the desks. Now, full disclosure: These aren’t desk chairs per se. So if you’ll be sitting at your desk for more than 90 minutes at a time, you (and your back) will be better off investing in a contoured chair that will support your long hours, which aren’t featured on this desk mood board.

Here are a few other home office ideas.

Would you put your home office in your bedroom? This designer did.

Maybe a reading nook is more your thing.