When it came time to select pieces for our basement makeover, we really stopped to think about how we would be using the space.  We wanted to ensure that we had all of the pieces we needed, from seating to storage to tables. One item that we knew we definitely wanted to incorporate was a solid surface that the kids could use to build Lego, do crafts and that would also act as a place to enjoy pizza during movie nights and such!  The surface needed to be durable, able to handle toys being dropped on it and we also wanted something that could be cleaned easily. The answer, you got it!  A dining table!  Placed right behind the couch, it allows us to dine comfortably while watching our favourite movies.  It’s also perfect because the kids can build lego, colour, etc, while the others play their video games or watch TV and everyone still feels connected since we are all in the same room.

It was so important to select a piece that would sit the five of us comfortably and that wouldn’t tower over the back of the couch.  I liked the faux wood look of the Ryder table and how well it coordinated with the rest of the pieces in the basement.  It’s sleek look and neutral colour makes it an easy piece to decorate with.

So far the table has gotten a lot of use!  The kids enjoy creating Lego scenes and love that they can either sit or stand to play.  When the table isn’t in use, I like to top it with a few decorative items, extra place mats and colouring books!

The table gives us the ability to all hang out together in the same space, even if we aren’t all taking part in the same activity.  We are on our way to a completely multifunctional basement!

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