We all have our beloved collections.  Be it books, art or a series of toys.  Often times we think that spreading out the collection piece by piece is best, however the opposite is sometimes true!
Our son’s room gave us a chance to showcase his art pieces, books and lego creations!   By grouping some of your collections together, they have more of an impact, bringing a positive focus to them in your space.
A fun way to display a collection of smaller items is to make an art piece out of them!  You could easily do this with lego figures that are no longer being used, seashells, or even stamps or buttons!  Smaller collections can be placed in decorative bowls, glass jars, wooden crates and more!
In my son’s room, he really wanted to display his art. We created two separate areas in his room for him to do just that. A gallery wall above his dresser (which is super easy- you just group and hang the art together!) and then a ledge beside his reading nook.  His masterpieces are no longer tucked away in drawers where he can’t see them, they are visible to anyone who enters the room!  We included a hanging file folder holder in his gallery wall, so that he can easily access artwork that he wants to eventually hang in the gallery wall.
Group lego creations together and stagger the height with the help of boxes or even books!  Odd numbers are often more appealing to the eye, however, if you have a large group, just try to stagger the height and sizes somewhat evenly.
Make them visible!  Dig those collections out of drawers or boxes and make them a part of your decor!  We chose to place the Lego mini-figures that my son plays with on a regular basis in a glass jar, which sits on his new dresser.  They are not only easy to find and access but they work as a piece of decor as well thanks to their colours!
If your collection is large, for example books, you can choose to group them by height or colour and either all together or you can scatter a few different groupings throughout the space in a variety of different ways, as we’ve done in my son’s room.  It simply gives a more organized feel and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  And then it provides repetition on your space, which is a bonus!
Collections can be purposeful (i.e. you absolutely love milk glass and can’t resist picking some up whenever you’re out thrifting) or they can be as a result of a hobby (Lego!).  Whichever it is, you can easily make them a part of your home’s decor with some clever tricks!  Group them, stack them, organize them and take a step back and admire your collection!
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