As Christmas approaches, I’m always on the hunt for new and frugal ways to decorate our dining table, something simple yet stunning and cohesive with my current theme. I have always admired natural displays using all that grows and looms outdoors, the richness in colour, the immense texture and interest those natural elements create when paired together. Mother nature is a beautiful thing and sometimes we need to nurture our souls with it a little more often… so why not bring it indoors!?  If it wasn’t for having my own children, I don’t think I would appreciate nature as much as I do. As my boys, Jack and Max, love exploring and discovering new treasures that belong to the earth, I have much more appreciation for the stillness of the forest, the 4 seasons and everything our planet endures with the drop of a tiny seedling.

Nature is the boys jungle gym and I know they’ve had a day well spent when they come in full of mud with little souvenirs in their pockets which they cannot wait to share. It’s the simple things, guys!

After a little bit of thought, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate our table and I knew just the little people to help me do so! You can see a few photos of our adventure here. The boys helped me pick pinecones from Papa’s big ol’ trees on his farm and acorns from Uncle Ky and Aunty Linds front yard. We had quite and adventure with our cousins, looking for the perfect greenery for our holiday tablescape and decor. The boys love being involved and they even have their own mini tools (like a chainsaw) to help get the job done ;)… Jack says the chainsaw is a little too dangerous for me to operate so he MUST to do the cutting!

5 Ways to Decorate the Table with Nature for the Holidays

  1. Wood Slices

    Whether it be wooden saucers, coasters, plate chargers or cutting boards, wood slices add charm and warmth as the wood-gain detailing of each cut is unique. Also, if you have other wood accents within your home, this is a great opportunity to tie in the decor.

  2. Greenery

    Rich and lush, greenery brings the table top to life. Using various tree cuttings, lay them in the center of the table, lower is better as you are able to engage with the person sitting across from you!

  3. Layer Nature

    Layer in natures small treasures like pinecones and acorns. Add a little glitz to the overall look by spray painting some artificial stems and layering more Christmas ball ornaments in the colours that coordinate with the rest of your decor.

  4. Table Favours

    Make a nature based holiday table favor like using a tree stem to create this DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree- see the full tutorial here. Remember it’s those homemade gifts that mean the most ;).

    To take your table favors a step further, give your guests something they can plant and watch grow come spring, give them a planted tree seedling, details here!

  5. Beyond the Table 

    Even though the table may look holiday ready, its important that you keep the rest of your home decor consistent but that doesn’t mean going overboard. Simply by laying tree cuttings or pine cones on your cabinet, adding a few sparkly Christmas balls on the shelves, all pull your holiday home together without having to invest in new decor. *Tip: buy a small spruce tree and prop up against a wall or corner which after Christmas you can plant outdoors.

Decorating your table and even your home for the holidays doesn’t need to be over the top. As long as you have a few of Mother Natures props, you’re all set to go!

How do you plan to decorate with nature this year?


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