Put the “living” in your living room with crystal-inspired decor theme. It’ll energize your space with mood-setting hues.

It’s no surprise that colours have the power to move us. Colour therapy has been around for centuries. And designers utilise hue to set the mood in a range of spaces. Today’s hottest shades are mined from deep within the earth: crystals and gemstones. These crystal-inspired decor pieces are a hot design commodity this year. Want in? Here are three gemstone hues and the moods they inspire.

Are you colour shy? These tips will help you not get sick of having colour in your home.

Crystal-inspired decor: Bliss out to blue

Inspiration: Lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire
How to use it: Blue evokes a calming energy. Channel a peaceful vibe with light blue – perfect for a chilled-out family room, for instance. Or use deep navy to promote focus in your home office.

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crystal inspired decor with red sofa and wall art

Crystal-inspired decor: Get energized with red

Inspiration: Red agate, carnelian, coral
How to use it: Red conveys emotions of motivation and action. Harness its energy in social spaces like the kitchen or dining room, where you want to trigger conversation and the passionate exchange of ideas.

Would you ever decorate with red and white? How patriotic!

crystal inspired decor with green accent chair

Crystal-inspired decor: Hit re–fresh with green

Inspiration: Jade, emerald, malachite
How to use it: Use green’s connotations of growth, healing and harmony to bring a welcoming vibe to social spaces like the living room, or to promote peaceful reflection in the bedroom or study.

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