If you have kids, chances are at one point you’ve asked yourself the question “where am I supposed to put (hide) all of these toys?!”.  I believe that this is the perfect opportunity to think outside of the box, you don’t have to shop in the storage section to find great pieces that will help you clear clutter and stay organized.  I’m constantly on the look out for pieces that can be used for something other than what they are meant for and found the perfect piece for toy storage in the dining section at Leon’s!

As soon as I saw the Bleecker Server I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into our basement makeover.  It’s truly one of my favourite pieces in our basement and works perfectly as a toy storage solution even though it’s meant to go in the dining room.  It’s lacquer finish, clean lines and neutral colour complimented the other pieces in our basement so well.  The best part is that we will continue to be able to use this piece long after the kids have grown out of their toys and it can also be used as a server when needed!

I was looking for a piece that would allow me to store smaller items and help us to organize crafts.  The shelves provide a space to store baskets which hold smaller toys or pieces that would easily get lost in a large toy bin.  I love that we now have a place for books and to display a few of the kids’ favourite ships, all in one spot.  Of course, you can style it however you please and add as much/as little as you want or as many baskets/containers as needed.   

Drawers are always an asset when it comes to keeping things organized!  They are the perfect spot for crayons, paper and colouring books and make it easy for the kids to find and access these items when they want to use them.  Since we have also set up a table for dining (more on that to come in a future post!), the second drawer neatly holds place mats and napkins.   Perfectly organized and a spot for everything!

When it comes to storing toys, baskets work so well for both kids and parents.  They allow for easy and simple clean up, they look great and they tend to go well with any decor style.  Baskets with lids are great for cutting down on visual clutter.  If your play area is also where you watch tv, consider choosing side tables and coffee tables that have either open bottoms, lower shelves or drawers, so that you can easily slide baskets or toys beneath/within them.

Multifunctional pieces are such a great choice because they help to cut down on the number of pieces that you have in a room, therefore, leaving your with more space.  The Bleecker Server is the perfect example of this and we also chose to use a storage ottoman as a bench at the dining table.  It’s dual purpose,  providing both storage and seating.

Tweet: You can truly have a beautiful multi-purpose space that works well for both parents and kids with a few carefully chosen pieces!

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