Clippers and basket in hand, round up the family and your pet to head out for a nature walk. The children will love scavenging for pretty colors found in nature. Fresh wildflowers bouquets will add summer charm to any tablescape, and bring the scents of summer inside. Keeping these few tricks in mind, wildflower bouquets are easy to assemble, and will save you a bundle on decorating your space for your next dinner party!


– Clippers or kitchen scissors
– small bucket of water/ or a basket and wet paper towels
– vases/ jars/ vintage apothecary

1:  Prepare a small bucket (one from the sandbox will do) with a few inches of water, or a basket and some wet paper towels to keep your flowers fresh while you’re out in the heat. In order for your wildflowers to stand out you will also need to pick some foliage (green stuff).

2:  Go for a walk to forage for wildflowers. Things to look for: branches, grasses, seed heads, anything in bloom. Remove most of the foliage off the stems, leaving it behind to break down into the earth. You’ll want your collection to be a handful or bigger, cutting a bit longer than necessary, and putting in the water as you clip.

3:  When home, separate your treasures. When building a bouquet you want you tallest piece to be 2 1/2 times the height of the vase. Put your tallest pieces into the vase, crossing the stems to create a base for everything else to sit in.

4: Fill the space around with bunches of foliage and wildflowers. Cutting the length to be twice the size of the vase, turning the vase every time you add another bunch.

5:  Finally add your prettiest flowers and bold colors to the bouquet. Placing them evenly throughout the bouquet where they will stand out, alternating the heights and bunching a few close to the run to create a focal point.

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