Hello and welcome to our humble home.

I’m honoured to have partnered with Leon’s to share a little bit of our space, all dressed up for the holidays. This year, I wanted our Christmas decor to be cozy and welcoming, while conveying a little glamour. To achieve such, the simple yet sophisticated lines of the Astin Sofa served as inspiration.As you can see, we have an open concept floorplan and as such, the decor needs to be cohesive as one room flows into the next. A great tip to define one space from the other when you have a longer room such as this is to anchor your pieces with area rugs. They create a visual break, which in our space, divides our living room and our dining room.

Having a neutral space provides a blank canvas, where you can easily pick a theme or colour and it will immediately pop. I love the contrast between our light walls and the rich walnut of the dining table and bench. There is also a subtly to the unexpected contrast of the Fresco side chairs and the modern lines of the Austin table. Shopping at Leon’s affords you the flexibility to mix and match various pieces and create a look unique to your home.#leonshelloholiday, christmas, holiday, white christmas, decor, dining room, diyAn important aspect of transforming a house into a home is adding unique and personal touches to your space. Be it handmade items or treasures handed down from generations, it’s these little details that evoke warm feelings and convey a welcoming nest. You will always find a handmade ornament or DIY piece in our home, such as these cardboard trees I had made a few years back (found HERE)#leonshelloholiday, christmas, holiday, white christmas, decor, diyHere is another easy DIY for you to try – simply find an old frame, spray paint it the colour you wish and hang some ornaments using transparent floss or fishing line.

Look for different ways to display your treasured items, recognizing they don’t necessarily need to be displayed as intended. With three children and a dog in our home, these vintage ornaments will not be placed on our tree, but I will proudly display them in a bowl or under the protection of a cloche.#leonshelloholiday, coffee table, styling, holiday, christmasHere is another example of how different styles can work well together. This coffee table has a more rustic feel and yet it works when placed with the Astin sofa.

Using glass cloches to display some of your favourite decor pieces is not only easy but adds a different texture and sparkle to your space. The birch logs combined with throws also add warmth and makes your space feel welcoming.Blogger Lucy from Craftberry Bush for Hello Yellow holiday living room #leonshelloyellow, christmas, white christmas, decorBecause isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Making your home into a beautiful, cozy and welcoming space to share with those you love during the holidays?

I’m a true believer that what’s most important about your home is not the decor or perfectly placed chairs, but the people who you do life with. The memories you make within those walls, the laughter and joy and most importantly, the love you share.

Wishing you Happy Holidays sweet friends.

much love,


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