On cold winter days and nights, my bedroom becomes a place I never want to leave. Add in oodles of warm throws, soft string lighting, warm house shoes at the bedside, a great book, a hot beverage, and leaving becomes even more of a challenge!

By making a few subtle styling changes to your existing room (see my “normal” day-to-day bedroom styling here), you too can create a cozy sanctuary to curl up in.

I’m not one for adding tons of ornaments or traditional Holiday decor. Rather I opt for subtle nods to the season which can almost go unnoticed when used sparingly. By combining 10-20 of these tiny elements, you can begin to weave a more Holiday-esque atmosphere.Like a giant, warm hug, first and foremost comes big, soft pillows and ample warm blankets.  This mustard ombre throw from Leon’s accompanies my throw pillows, upholstered queen bed and neutral bedding.After adding blankets, throws and easy-to-access sweaters and textiles, lighting goes a long ways in making a room feel cozier. These patio lights are used outside in my backyard during the summer. In the fall/winter, instead of storing them in the basement, I give them a wipe down and hang them in my bedroom from the ceiling to add intimacy and warmth to the space.

Just like the Christmas lights you hang outside, hanging lights indoors screams Holiday season! As an added bonus, you can weave in some faux greenery or garland. In my case, I adorned my Leon’s porcelain ram’s head with a garland head-piece.Last but not least, trinkets and small decor accessories go a long way to transforming a room for the Holidays. Unlike a tree or large fixture, smaller decor items are easy to store, easy to bring out when you need them. And a little gold never hurt anybody!

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