Cottage Mood Board

Sometimes you just want to get away. And the bedroom is the perfect place to rest up, get some mental recovery and hibernate – even if it’s just for eight hours of ZZZs. So the decor should reflect what makes you happy, what makes you relax and what calms you. A cottage mood board is the perfect place to start.

Have you seen this stunning sanctuary bedroom makeover?

Wood Texture For The Win

Whether you’re styling a cottage master bedroom, or your own bedroom at home, the elements of a cottage mood board are still the same: Texture, texture and more texture.

Panelling and cottages go hand in hand. And so does good quality wooden furniture. The above Maya bed with matching dresser and night stand suits the theme with its raw wood pieced together with visible studs. The texture beckons a rustic feel, but the complete set looks put-together. And despite the statement-making appeal of this set, the casual style works well with mismatched accent pieces.

Another texture to think about: Iron hardware. And this Brooklyn Lamp fits the bill, especially when used with a vintage bulb.

But to make the room more homey you’ll want some cool elements, too. Bring on the colour.

Stay Cool in the Bedroom

To pick colours for bedding, accent art and window finishings, look no further than the lake view. Evergreen greens and water blues pair well with wood.

But to really bring the outdoors in, this Lazy Lake Canvas Art is the visualization needed to bring calm to a cabin-inspired bedroom. The wrapped frame is unfussy, and the image is zen. But the best feature is that it’s seasonless. You can’t tell if it’s winter, summer, spring or fall. It’s just a calming early morning sunrise.

Does’t it sound like the perfect place to chill?

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