One of the things I love the most about December, are cookie swap parties.

I just love the tradition of a cookie swap. Everyone brings a big batch of home-made Christmas cookies. Preferably the sort that only grandma used to make – because of course noting is as good as an old family recipe passed through generations of passionate bakers!
Everyone decorates their cookies in a fun and original way, and then the swap begins! And everyone goes home with a lovely mix of Xmas cookies, all different all original and all home-made..

Except, that we don’t always have time to make that big batch of perfect home made cookies. All the cutting and baking is definitely fun, but sometimes between work and home it’s just not happening. Then what, should we cancel the cookie swap?

No! Because with this cookie hack, nobody will know you didn’t actually bake these cookies. Or you can tell them the truth, and I’m sure everyone will still love these!

Because who doesn’t love some white chocolate and peppermint candy sugar cookie? This melting in your mouth shortbread cookie, mixed with sweetness of white chocolate and the crunch of the peppermint candy cane is a crowd pleaser!

And it’s a perfect treat for a snowy day, and one of my families favorite. You can even involve the kids in making these, they’ll be great little helpers! My daughters loved dipping them in white chocolate and sneaking some right away!

  • A package of shortbread store-bought cookies
  • A package of white chocolate
  • A couple of sugar cane candies
  1. First, crush the candy cane. Then, melt the white chocolate and put in a bowl. Now it’s time to dip your cookies! I love the half dipped cookie effect!
  2. Right after dipping your cookie, while the chocolate is still hot, sprinkle the cookie with some crushed candy cane: the more the better!
  3. You can also spread some white chocolate all around it, that way you have even more surface for the crushed candy cane!
  4. Spread the cookies on a big plate, so they wouldn’t touch each other and let the chocolate cool down.
  5. You can even prepare them ahead of time, and freeze them for up to a month!
  6. Now they’re all ready for your next cookie swap. Or will you keep all the cookies for yourself?
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