My children have finally got over the hump of big spills and wiping dirty fingers on the sofa, so I thought it was the perfect time to take our family room out of hiding and make it more of a relaxed common area. One that welcomes guests and says ‘hey, have a sit down and kick up your feet, I’ll put on the tea”!

I was really tired of living in so much grey, not me at all. I wanted to create a family room that was comfortable, bright, and most importantly kid friendly. Something that reflects my personal style where I could incorporate fun colors, creativeness, and a touch of industrial charm.

Have a look at the space before

Pretty drab and a mess of mismatched furniture. It was certainly the time for an update!

My style tends to be a bit eclectic. I am surrounded by rural farmhouse, have an appreciation for timeless antiques, eyes for a rainbow of colors, a love for the hunt of a kitschy collectible, but also like things to look a bit on-trend, fresh and crisp.

I was immediately drawn to the Brunswick collection. Since my style tends to change with the season, I wanted furniture that would work easily with a variety of colour schemes, could stand the test of time, and be easily maintained with a young family. 

This Brunswick sofa met the match. The tufted back, piping, and sleek lines meets my taste for something a bit modern. The perfect combination!

When summer rolls around the kids are running in and out. The family room is the perfect resting spot to cool off from the hot summer sun. The kids can pull out a board game to play with friends, or picnic around the coffee table.

When the sun goes down, and the bugs get too thick to be around the campfire, the deep comfy cushions on our Brunswick sofa are perfect for those movie night snuggles.

As a business owner I don’t get as much time at home as I did when the children were babies. It makes those times when we do get to spend time together even more special and having a cozy family retreat where I don’t have to fuss over a few popcorn kernels on the sofa makes our time much more relaxing.

Traffic flow in this room is really important since you have to go through the living room to get to the other areas of our home. 

I love how when the living room is open to the kitchen the children can be playing lego or building a sofa fort, or my guests can be kicked back sipping a drink while I prepare a snack and I can still be part of the conversation. It makes for the perfect overflow when the crowd gets too big for a kitchen party.



Brunswick Sofa

Klein Chair in Azure (Also available in Laguna, Grey, and Ivory)

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Julie Lamp

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