coffee inspired decor mood board
In the mood for coffee

If you can’t start your day without coffee, then why deprive yourself? Let the warmth of a latte brown envelop your home. Balance it out with an energizing espresso. And add some sweetness with a cool powdery blue.

Sounds heavenly doesn’t it? You just want to drink it up. While many décor enthusiasts will scoff at browns and greys as basic home hues, those of us with an appreciation for powerful neutrals for décor know better.

Jump on the coffee band wagon

A coffee-coloured décor theme isn’t plain. It’s not boring. It’s not even over done. Instead, it’s cozy. It’s comforting. And it feels luxurious. It’s like indulgent comfort food.

Brown doesn’t come in flimsy textures. On art, you can see the strokes (like this canvas painting of the New York Chrysler building). On sofas, you’re hugged by the leather (thanks to the tufted arms and back of this Chapman sofa). And, if you dare a bistro style table, a only deep coffee stained wood will do. (The Lidia five-piece bistro set with pub height stools blends a casual café vibe with a streamlined style.)

And as an added touch, we’re loving the font-astic art. Illustrations that use words to motivate, express and to laugh are the perfect touches to your coffee-themed decor. This one is made for the kitchen, and it’s just so instagrammable.

Coffee gives all the feels

So if you approach decorating your home with how you want to feel living there, then a coffee-coloured theme just might be what you need. Not only is it warm and comfy, but it also creates the perfect place to lounge and converse. It adds visual character and sophistication. And even if you don’t drink coffee, you can enjoy it all the same in your home.

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