Canadian Made Is Well Made

Canadians are obsessed with beauty. And with the span of this great country – from the magnificent Mount Saint Elias to the edge-of-the-Earth Cape Spear, from the painterly Cape Columbia to the unsuspicious Middle Island riddled with gangster history – our expectations for living somewhere beautiful is set high. So a red and white Canada mood board just makes sense, especially when we’re celebrating Canada Day.

Canada Mood Board – The Ingredients

Immediately, to start creating a Canada mood board, you’s think red and white. And that colour combination definitely works together. The a good sofa reads comfort, but red – from light to deeper shades – makes a bigger statement about the home’s personality. It symbolizes nobility and power, but it’s also known to invigorate mood. White, of course, represents purity.

And while colour is an obvious way to create a Canada mood board, there are other things to contemplate.

Custom colours are one way to personalize your home, exactly how you want it.

A Look for Canadian-Made

In addition to checking the label, check for the brand. There are some amazing Canadian brands you should know about. Defehr, Dynasty, Decor Rest, Paiano, Palliser, Campio, Superstyle and more. (I have to include Canadian mattress companies Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Kingsdown on this list too.)

Not only do these companies employ Canadians, they also source materials, such as lumber, steel, foam and other raw materials, right here in Canada.

It’s nice to know that getting Canadiana inspired does’t have to be superficial. It can be as deep as our Great Lakes and as gorgeous as our natural resources.

Not sure where to start with colour? This will help. 

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