Campfire Mood Board For Your Yard

We can’t all head to the Great Outdoors without some planning and prep work. So to get that fireside feeling in the yard, here is some inspiration with this campfire mood board.

A Lit Evening In Your Own Backyard

Just imagine the crackling fire, cozied up in your chair, the smell of charring marshmallows. Sounds perfect. And you don’t even have to pack up the car. This summer my backyard inspo is based on this campfire mood board. It first started when I came across this @eatfamous photo of a stacked, charred burger sloppy with sauce and cheese. While I could never imagine eating this whole burger, it did prod some summer feels.

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Loving The Fireside At Home

Fire columns and fire pits are a big trend this summer. So the want for a campfire and the whole camping atmosphere is totally achievable at home. They are meant to be safer than a pit of logs or coal and they convert from propane to natural gas supply easily. (You just have to make sure that a qualified natural gas or service company installs it properly.)

A fireside lounge brings next-level R&R to any yard. No sleeping bags required. Instead, get all comfy with a relaxed rocker chair. Best of all, a fire pit is a sound investment. Its warming effect allows you to extend your outdoor season into mid-spring nights (hello, May 2-4!) and crisp autumn evenings. A new summer tradition: Roasting marshmallows over an open flame. And when the kids are put to bed, it is the perfect haven for us adults to enjoy wine and conversation.

Eating in the backyard made simple – no matter the size of your patio.

Essentials In This Campfire Mood Board

Fire, first and foremost. The two fire columns offer a clean and safe approach to accessorizing your patio. I love the antique bronze touch on the woven Harlow Fire Column. It adds that rustic but polished feel that works within an outdoor living space. And, the Maya Fire Column achieves the same, but with smoother lines, if you’re wanting a more contemporary/modern aesthetic.

But a real luxury is the fire pit conversation set. While most fire pits are surrounded with folded lawn chairs, this is the upgrade. The Davenport 5-Piece Dinette with Fire Pit allows for a lovely leisurely evening for barbecued tapas, s’mores and more.

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